International courier services in Nigeria

A growing number of Nigerians are utilizing international courier services for both personal and professional reasons. The expanding e-commerce market contributes to the rise in international shipments and parcel deliveries. Presently, there are a significant number of international courier services in Nigeria, and today we will examine the most efficient and dependable of them.

List of international courier services in Nigeria

DHL Nigeria

  • express delivery worldwide;
  • freight forwarding on aviation, cargo automobile, sea and railway transport;
  • warehouse services that go beyond simple storage, and include everything from packing to repair;
  • international postal delivery;
  • shipments performed by the special requirements of customers.

However, the use of DHL as an international courier service by Nigerians is frequently prohibitively expensive. Nonetheless, this option is quite popular in Nigeria among international courier services.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

Modern logistics entails much more than simply delivering an item at the correct time and place for a reasonable price. It utilizes the transportation of products as a competitive advantage. Additionally, it is a driving force in the growth of any business. UPS provides a comprehensive variety of services to resolve all transport and logistics issues in Nigeria.

  • delivery of goods and mail to more than 200 countries
  • express delivery
  • customs brokerage services
  • a wide range of preparatory services (packaging, labeling, weighing, preparation of documentation)
  • online functions for tracking the state of departure, calculating the delivery time and calling the courier

UPS conducts 2,000 flights to more than 200 countries every day.


FedEx Corporation is an American corporation that provides international postal, courier, and other logistics services. FedEx Express is currently the world’s largest airline by cargo volume and the second largest by fleet capacity. FedEx has earned a global reputation in the market for cargo transportation and express deliveries.

The corporation also has a representative office in Nigeria. Multiple modes of conveyance are utilized to expedite the shipment of correspondence and cargo throughout Nigeria in the shortest time possible.

The company’s services for shipping products from Nigeria include door-to-door delivery, airport-to-airport delivery, packaging, cargo insurance, etc. You can monitor your shipment throughout its journey and receive confirmation of his arrival at the destination.

EMS Nigeria

In Nigeria, EMS Nigeria is a well-known international courier service whose activities center on the execution of express deliveries. EMS has a substantial number of representative offices in Nigeria, with over 400 departments.

Due to guaranteed dependability, minimum deadlines, and confidentiality, the company has established itself with its clientele.

EMS Nigeria is the delivery of valuable mail and freight “from hand to hand” to any location. On the website, you will find a service that enables you to track your package using a specific track code.


The company “TNT” provides its clients with the shortest delivery times around the world; the broadest range of services; the ability to fully control and improve the quality of delivery through its own transport network and modern information infrastructure; the possibility to reduce the client’s costs, as well as the ability to transport goods that are not subject to air transportation; and the ability to transport goods that are not subject to air transportation.

TNT is always concerned with its clients and pays close attention to the quality of its services. The company focuses its efforts on preventing awkward situations and perpetually improving its processes in accordance with the quality management system’s principles.


SkyNet Worldwide Express began operations in 1974 by transporting the initial shipment of products and mail from London to New York. Later, branches in other nations were established, and their number grew. Currently, the organization has over 1100 offices in 209 countries.

The list of services:

  • “Worldwide Express” – express delivery of documents and parcels worldwide at the lowest prices;
  • “Global Logistics” – delivery of cargo and its storage in the warehouse of the company;
  • “Skycom” – it is possible to trace the passage of cargo at any time and in any place by using the Internet; call the courier; packing of parcels into special branded envelopes and packages, as well as the filling of a signature air waybill; delivery of correspondence and cargo during off-hours, on weekends and holidays.

SkyNet offers a variety of solutions in the field of international transport logistics, utilizing a variety of transport connections (road, rail, sea, air):

  • export and import supplies under the “Door-Door” scheme;
  • port escort, reception, storage of cargo in ports, collection of ship parties;
  • maintenance of transportation and customs clearance of all types of freight, organization of trucking of goods;
  • delivery and customs clearance of personal belongings;
  • processing and delivery of exhibition materials to/from exhibition centers.

In recent years, the Nigerian market for courier delivery has expanded rapidly. It is common for courier services to offer a variety of services, which improves the dependability and quickness of mail delivery. Currently, international delivery companies primarily transport documents, postal parcels, and small personal objects, the distribution of which clients are hesitant to entrust to the regular mail.

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