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HP Zbook Specs

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HP ZBook 15 Laptop Specs & Price

An on-the-go or mobile workstation called the HP ZBook 15 is made to keep businesspeople and corporate professionals working. It has a sleek and elegant appearance, a potent processor for excellent performance, and promises excellent graphics all at once.

Design and Screen

The HP ZBook 15 is not the most portable laptop available, measuring 38.15 x 25.7 x 3.05 cm. Despite being called a mobile workstation, this device doesn’t look like something you’d want to carry around frequently unless you’re trying to bulk up. It weighs 2.82 kg at the beginning.

Even so, it still has a classy appearance for a business laptop. The HP ZBook 15’s design prominently features brushed aluminum and magnesium. Its keyboard also has a full aluminum deck and a special drain to keep liquid away from internal components.

The 15.6-inch display has a wonderful 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. A fantastic screen is created by the HP DreamColor panel with RGB backlighting, which combines wide viewing angles with excellent color reproduction.


From the way it is laid out, it appears that the HP ZBook 15 is intended to be a top performer. Users can expect a very responsive performance because it has a potent, quad-core Intel Core i7 processor chip with vPro management technology. The HP ZBook 15 comes with dual-core Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors in select models.

And ample 8GB or 16GB of RAM available, with support for up to 32GB, multitasking is a snap. Given the combination of an integrated Intel HD Graphics processor and a standalone NVIDIA Quatro graphics processor with 2GB of VRAM, workstation-grade graphics should be expected from this computer.

Programs that are really demanding will undoubtedly operate well on this computer. The Independent Software Vendor (ISV) accreditation of the HP ZBook 15 attests to its capability to run a number of demanding engineering programs.

Additional Details

Due to business users’ preference for Windows 7 Professional, the HP ZBook 15 runs on it by default, though Windows 8 Pro is an option. A 750GB hard drive option is also available. It comes with a 500GB, 7200rpm hard drive supported by 32GB of flash memory.

The HP ZBook 15 has optical storage, but some models might not have a DVD, Blu-ray, or optical drive.

Pricing and availability

Workstations from HP ZBook 15 are offered in Nigeria. Depending on where you live and the laptop’s configuration, the HP ZBook 15 starts at about N300,000 in Nigeria.


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