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Farm investment platforms

5 Platforms in Nigeria You Can Invest in Agriculture

There are so many platforms in Nigeria that investing in agriculture in 2022 is a viable option. You don’t need a shovel or hoe to start planting or tilling in order to earn from the agriculture industry; all you need is a solid investment platform that provides a successful return on investment at the conclusion of the investment period.

The majority of these platforms are crowdfunding websites where individuals interested in investing in agricultural projects can interact with cash-strapped farmers. Others are analogous to conventional investment platforms. They solicit funds from the general public, invest those monies exclusively in agricultural businesses, and pay clients a predetermined amount.

An interested investor must register for an account on a digital platform of their choosing in order to receive a list of farm projects that are available for sponsorship. This will include the farm’s location, minimum sponsorship amount, farming cycle, and expected return rate.

In both corporate types, investors often receive guaranteed returns ranging from 15 to 45 percent per agricultural cycle. Some claim that they can recoup up to 80 percent of their initial investment.

In Nigeria, you can invest in agriculture through a variety of venues in 2022, including the five listed below.

1. Crowdyvest

This is one of Nigeria’s biggest investment platforms focused on agriculture. Crowdyvest is a platform for impact investing that links investors with a variety of sponsorship opportunities.

Crowdyvest enables users to participate in a range of industries, including telecommunications, real estate, health care, and transportation, via a hyper-fund that offers the possibility of a 20% return on investment.

2. Thrive Agric

This platform was launched in 2016 with the primary purpose of allowing farmer crowdfunding investments. These investments are emerging in market access and technology-driven advising services. The return on investment ranges from 6 to 25 percent.

Items available for financing on the site include chicken farms, maize, peanuts, sorghum, cassava, cowpea, and soybeans.

3. Farmkart

Farmkart provides investors the chance to invest in its Ogun State animal farm. This platform has an investment return potential of up to 30%. The animal farm on the platform includes both chicken and fish.

Some of Farmkart’s Agric investments have a timeframe of six months, while others have a duration of twelve months. Others could be for shorter or longer durations.

4. Farmsby

Farmsby is an agro-investment platform that leverages the power of crowdfunding to raise capital for African farmers, eliminate food insecurity, increase the volume of food production, and create solid returns on all investments.

Farmsby permits you to invest between 50 and 75 percent of your capital on the site.

5. Payfarmer

Payfarmer is an agro-investment platform in Nigeria that pays investors returns of up to 30 percent after a set time period.

Among the investment alternatives provided by Payfarmers are catfish, poultry, yam, pig, and pepper farming. The return on investment percentages and durations for each of these distinct categories vary.

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