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What is the difference between an iPad and a tablet

What’s the difference between an iPad and a Tablet?

Because there are so many different items – and variations of products – on the market, it’s easy to become perplexed and overwhelmed. What is the difference between an iPad and a tablet is one of the most often asked questions at Ebuyer. Aren’t they one and the same?

Before we go into the nitty gritty, let’s define what an iPad is and what a tablet is…

What is a Tablet PC?

A tablet PC is a web-enabled portable computer device featuring a touch-screen display. To get the most out of a tablet, you’ll need to have internet connectivity. Tablet PCs are thin and light computers with downloadable apps that are smaller than a notebook computer but larger than a smartphone.

Tablets are operated by touching the screen rather than using a keypad. If you prefer a physical keyboard, some tablets have a port where you can connect one. A keyboard, however, is not included with the tablet and must be purchased separately.

Tablets are well-known for their quickness. They are extremely fast to boot up and enable near-instant access to the internet and apps. They can also run small applications like Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows, and Apple’s iOS.

Tablet computers are ideal for anyone who needs to operate in a Microsoft-based office setting. Tablets are an excellent balance between a tablet and a laptop if you need to run Windows apps.

What is an iPad?

The Apple brand is well-known, and the iPad is the moniker for Apple’s series of portable computers. Apple has its own operating system called iOS, which is used by all iPads.

There are many similarities between iPads and Android tablets, but there are also significant distinctions. We’ve compiled a list of the key differences below.

iPad vs Tablet PC

Tablet is a generic term for a variety of devices that almost all have a touch screen, while different manufacturers offer varying specifications. Apple’s iPad is a tablet computer. The Android operating system is used by the majority of tablets, whereas Apple’s iOS is used by the iPad.

Tablets, unlike iPads, can display online videos using popular software, so you’ll have no trouble accessing Flash-based websites, playing Flash games, or watching Flash movies.

While an iPad cannot interact with numerous apps at once, tablets are more adaptable, allowing you to utilize one program while other apps run in the background.

Despite the fact that iPads offer more functionality than Android tablets, they aren’t always the best option. It all depends on the functions you require. iPads have a vast number of apps, whereas Android tablets have a minimal number of compatible apps.

iPad: Strengths

Although the difference is often hardly perceptible, iPads are often easier to operate and run smoother than tablets.

For the average user, Apple’s iOS system obviously outperforms Google’s Android OS system in terms of overall user experience. Apple’s operating system is simple to operate, powerful, and has a user-friendly interface.

The iPad allows for seamless device integration. If both your iPad and Macbook are running the latest operating system, you may cut and paste between them. In this regard, Android tablets lag far behind.

The Software Store is well-known for having practically every downloaded app imaginable. There are presently almost one million iPad-specific apps available. Another million people are capable of working together.

Apple only officially supports and enables the installation of apps through its own store. Before an app is released for sale on the Apple store, it is checked and approved. This adds an extra layer of security by removing the possibility of malware and vulnerabilities into their gadgets.

Because the iPad has a tight integration with Facebook and Twitter, posting updates and sharing on social networks is considerably easier on the iPad than on an Android tablet.

iPad: Weaknesses

If you need more storage on your Android tablet, most of them make it rather simple to do so. Many of these devices have a microSD card slot, allowing you to expand the amount of memory available if necessary. The iPad, on the other hand, does not allow you to expand its storage capacity. When you buy it, you get what you get, so keep that in mind when you’re making your decision.

This means if you run out of space on your iPad then you are going to have to delete something in order to make space. It’s easy to buy iPads which have larger storage capacity, but it will cost you. And even those devices still won’t let you add more later should you need it.

Android tablet PCs: Weaknesses

The Android operating system is not as straightforward or intuitive to use as Apple’s iOS, but you’ll get the hang of it over time.

Despite the fact that Google’s Play Store offers a vast number of apps, it has a smaller number of apps that are optimized for Android tablets. Unlike Apple, Goole allows customers to install third-party programs on their tablets.

Another area where the Google Play app store could be vulnerable is security. Because Android devices operate on a more open system, where anybody may distribute an app without prior permission, dangerous apps might occasionally get through the cracks. This open approach, on the other hand, encourages developers to create more apps for the Android platform.


Most consumers who are considering purchasing a tablet choose between an iPad and an Android tablet. Apple remains the market leader, but Android tablets have grown in popularity in recent years and are now catching up to the more expensive iPads.

Even while both the iPad and Android tablets are capable devices, if you’re looking for something that will be used mostly for work, a Windows tablet that is compatible with Microsoft Office may be a better option. The Windows Store, on the other hand, lacks the large number of apps offered on iOS and Android.

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