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How to Create a Facebook Store 2020 | How to Create a Facebook Shop

How to Create a Facebook Store 2020: This article is basically on how to create a Facebook store. So therefore if you do not know how to create a Facebook store, I urge you to keenly follow me on this article to know how to set up a Facebook store.

The Facebook store is one of the hottest and most used features on the Facebook platform now although it is one of the newest features of facebook.

This Facebook feature is a very important one. With this Facebook feature, small businesses can have a chance to showcase their products and brands in the ever competitive world of online marketing and selling. Having a business is not all. You have got to come up with ways to push your products.

Over half of the world’s population is now making use of the internet in one way or the other. A huge chunk of that percentage is making use social media platforms. And facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world as of the time of this writing. So therefore if you are a business entrepreneur and looking for ways to sell your products online, I urge you to try using facebook.

What Is a Facebook Store?
The facebook store or shop depending on how you want to call it is a facebook feature. And as we all know, facebook have a lot of features and functions that makes the platform interesting and worth visiting. With this facebook feature facebook users can easily sell their products on the facebook platform directly to facebook users. You can also buy and shop on facebook shops easily and conveniently.

How to Set Up and Create a Facebook Store
For you to be able to create a facebook store you need to be an active user of the facebook platform. You need to have a facebook page for your business.

Or at least be a facebook page admin. If you do not have a facebook page, create one today at in order to set up a facebook store. Follow the steps below to create your own facebook store

  • Click on the add section tab under the cover photo of your facebook page.
  • On the next page click on the add shop section tab.
  • Set up your shop details on the next page.
  • set up your payment methods
  • start adding products to your facebook store
  • Set your shipping options to customers abroad.
  • Finish your shop settings.
  • manage your store orders and click on finish

That’s how you create Facebook store. Kindly share How to Create a Facebook Store 2020 | How to Create a Facebook Shop.



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