Benue State Postal Code and Zip Code

Benue State Postal Code and Zip Code

The postal code for Benue state is 970001, although it cannot be used for paperwork because each of the state’s 23 Local Government Areas has a different postal number. A state in Nigeria’s north central region is called Benue State. It is one of the seven states established in 1976, and Markurdi serves as its … Read more

Malaysia Postcode (Zip Code List) 2023 » Malaysia

Malaysia Postcode

The five-digit Malaysia (MYS) Postal Code ranges from 10000 to 99999. The Malaysian Postcode authorities in Malaysia use the postal code to pinpoint a specific address’s precise location inside the nation. The state or federal territory is indicated by the first two digits of the postcode (for example, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor). Postcode area boundaries … Read more

Katsina Postal or Zip codes (Katsina State)

Katsina Postal or Zip codes

In Nigeria’s Katsina State, there are thirty-four (34) Local Government Areas (LGAs), including Katsina. It also happens to be home to Katsina, the state’s capital. Within the LGA, there are a number of locations with various postal or zip codes. Note: this post provides postcodes for Katsina city only. If you’re interested in knowing the … Read more

Kano City LGA Postal Code – Kano State

Kano City LGA Postal Code

Kano City, also known as Kano Municipal, is the capital city of Kano State, Nigeria, and one of the state’s forty-four (44) Local Government Areas (LGAs). The LGA is divided into a number of areas, some of which have different postal codes. The Kano Municipal postal codes are as follows: KWANAR DISO / KOFAR NA’ISA … Read more

Jigawa State Zip Code 2023

Jigawa State Zip Code 2023

Jigawa state postal codes all contain 6-digit numbers, as assigned by NIPOST. Want to discover the right one to use? If your answer is yes, then continue reading. All the Local Government Areas (LGAs) and sometimes districts/wards within Jigawa state have their respective postal codes. In other words, all locations within the entire Jigawa state do … Read more

Lagos State Postal Code 2023

Lagos State Postal Code

The whole set of postal codes in Lagos State as of 2023 is discussed in this article. This thorough list we have put together will be very helpful to you if you want to understand more about the postal or ZIP codes in the region of Lagos State where you are residing. The list of … Read more